Frequently Asked Questions

What frequency does WPOB operate on?

     WPOB operates on an assigned frequency of 88.5 megahertz, channel 203, with 125 watts of Effective Radiated Power under the authorization of the Federal Communications Commission.


How does WPOB make money?

     WPOB is a non-commercial radio station, which means we are not allowed to air any commercial advertisements. However, we are allowed to air content that serves the public in order to get funds. We also receive contributions from our listeners and people like you.


Where is WPOB located?

     WPOB is  located on the campus of Plainview Old-Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School,

  50 Kennedy Drive

  Plainview, NY 11803


Once in a while when I tune in to 88.5, I hear that the station identifies as WKWZ and not WPOB. Why is that?

     WPOB is only operated during the hours of 7:30AM-2:30PM. At 3PM, WKWZ Syosset, our time share station, takes over the frequency.

How can I get emergency alerts in my area?

     WPOB is a member of EAS, the emergency alert system, and will alert the greater Plainview area of any dangerous situations in the immediate area, statewide, and national.


How has WPOB changed in the recent years?

     WPOB updates it's music library constantly to include a mix of New Popular Music and the Classic, All-time Favorites. DJs at WPOB get approximately 40 minutes to run their own show and play whatever they want. WPOB also live streams Music, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), and the news every Friday on WPOB.com.  The newest update to the WPOB station was a TV that was added to our booth and over 3,000 CD'S that were donated to the station!!