WPOB-FM would like to give a special thank you to one special alumni,  Mr. Jason Bauman. Since the start of WPOB.com, Mr. Bauman has been the one that has made it possible. He hosts the website on his own personal servers because he loved the station so much when he was a student.


Although the initial website, launched in 2012, was very basic (can be seen at wpob.com/old) it was great in the sense that we are one of four High School Radio Stations on Long Island and getting a webite (even a basic one) was a huge milestone for us. In 2014 when WPOB began broadcasting online, we could not have done it with out Jason. No one at the time knew anything about web-design or web scripting and he set us up. For the 2015 website redesign, he was a crutial part in getting the ball rolling because the student webmasters were new to the area of web design. After completion of a draft I (the student webmaster) would send the draft to him and ask if there was anything that needed to be corrected. He taught me how to embed the live stream and many other things as well. 


Mr. Jason Bauman has done all of the things listed above and more without asking for a single thing in return. And to that we say Thank You!


Please visit his website at Jaypoc.com


"You all have something really great there,

that many schools don't have. If radio is your passion,

then you have an edge over so many others as you have real world experience right out of HS."